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    OK a bit more random clicking and I think I now have the menu items in English.

    I'm not too worried about individual's posts - since it is after all a German Community, and If I want to read a particular sentence I can, as mentioned, use Google translate.

    The overarching menu item heading were the point of confusion.

    Thanks very much.

    Thanks I went to settings ( but got this:

    Which given the circle and slash I took to me "not possible".


    My memory maybe playing tricks with me but I thought there used to be a button to change / translate the web site into an English language (Englische Sprache) one?



    Thanks for posting this.

    As I mentioned in the YouTube comments, it was a pity about the bridge obscuring your line of sight for the MILAN.

    I had a quick look in the downloads area and could see the scenario file - perhaps it has a different name?

    Regards from Australia.