English Option

  • Well, there is a button for the english version of the site, but this button is only shown to guests (unregistered or not logged in users):

    During the registration process, users can select their preferred language:

    If (for unkwon reasons) the site is shown in german language, you can switch the language in your user settings (https://forum.steelbeasts.org/settings/):

    Please be aware, that this setting only affects the interface of the site. There is no automatic translation of the users post or something.

  • Some browsers have built-in translation options (e.g. Vivaldi, as a button in the address bar), or you can copy the site URL into Google Translate, and then navigate and read the site there.

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  • Thanks I went to settings (https://forum.steelbeasts.org/settings/) but got this:

    Which given the circle and slash I took to me "not possible".

  • OK a bit more random clicking and I think I now have the menu items in English.

    I'm not too worried about individual's posts - since it is after all a German Community, and If I want to read a particular sentence I can, as mentioned, use Google translate.

    The overarching menu item heading were the point of confusion.

    Thanks very much.