• Dr.Thodt(911) hat eine neue Datei hinzugefügt:


    Manch einer erinnert sich noch an das alte "Touchbuddy", was leider schon sehr lange nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird und auch nirgendwo mehr als Download erhältlich ist.
    Helios scheint so etwas wie der "große Bruder" von Touchbuddy zu sein.

    Mit Helios können Interfaces für DCS und andere Anwendungen einfach erstellt werden.

    Das Programm lässt sich zwar auch ohne Touchscreen bedienen, macht dann aber eher wenig Sinn.

  • Dr.Thodt(911) hat eine neue Version hinzugefügt:

    • TextDisplay Control Added
    • Hornet UFC updated to remove the need for a viewport
    • Hornet IFEI updated to remove the need for a viewport
    • Auto-binding for some devices to their intended interface
    • MS33558 Font incorporated (c) Derek Higgs 2000 which some sites claim is postcardware but I was unable to find an address / email
    • Seven Segment font incorporated (free for personal use) http://www.kraftilab.com/portfolio/7-segment-display-font/
    • Reimplement the version checking for Control Center using HTTPS
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Distributing Iris Screen Exporter for people who run Control Center remotely (it is in the Helios directory in My Documents)
    • Code corrected to identify destination directory for DCS, Betas and Alphas
    • Stricter version numbering which breaks the installer's version checking so previous Helios needs to be uninstalled manually.
  • Dr.Thodt(911) hat eine neue Version hinzugefügt:

    • Original Helios User Guide refreshed and included
    • GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE file added to the distribution
    • Returned missing BMS F-16 images
    • New control - Potentiometer with Translate and rotate (Rasmaninoff)
    • Rectangle Fill control used to create instruments like the Su25 Fuel bars and Mi-8 doppler bars (Capt Zeen)
    • Kneeboard control added (Capt Zeen)
    • Black Shark Interface change for Custom Gauge (Capt Zeen)
    • Configurable reflectivity for front Glass of IFEI (derammo)
    • Control Center Preference added to stop secondary mouse events that some touch screens generate afrter a touch event (derammo)
    • Update Phidgets to version Phidget21 2.1.9 Build date Feb 15 2018 (KiwiLostInMelb)
    • Fixed Phidgits crashing on startup and closure (KiwiLostInMelb)
    • Fixed Phidgit's to handle out of range acceleration and travel entries entered in the Profile Editor (KiwiLostInMelb)
    • Added events for startup, connect aircraft and shutdown - used for re-centering real guages before shutdown to a known state - needed with Phidgits interface as it doesnt remember state across restarts - eliminates broken needle issues. (KiwiLostInMelb)
    • Added Key Press Receiver program (Runs on PC which is running DCS) to issue key presses on DCS machine served from Control Center running on a different PC (KiwiLostInMelb)
    • Added ability to send key presses to a different PC using TCP on port 9088 (KiwiLostInMelb)
    • The usual minor bug changes