Suggestion for "Ozelot"

  • Firstly if this is in the wrong place feel free to move.

    I took "Szenarienerstellung" to mean "Scenario Creation".

    Ozelot requires the PzGdr Platoon to clear some sizeable locations (Mazelot = over 70 buildings).

    In order to avoid say the 90 minutes to clear Mazelot properly, can I suggest the following work around:

    1. Create a custom region around Mazelot.
    2. Set the Russian forces up to say "surrender if" their personnel numbers within the custom region drops to say below 25%.

    3. If the Russians reach that surrender threshold, then have a Red Event saying "Mazelot surrenders".

    4. If the Red event "Mazelot surrenders" is True, then a Blue event "Mazelot cleared" is satisfied with a message stating "Mazelot cleared" or similar.

    That way Blue knows to continue the clearance until they receive the message, instead of chasing phantoms who may or may not be in the remaining buildings.

    This approach can also be applied to the other urban areas.

    Just a suggestion.